Our family can always rest assured that Dr Paul Brown and colleagues at Aldeburgh Dental Practice will combine first class dentistry with personal care for patient comfort and welfare.  No trouble has been spared when dental help has been needed at times of ill health.  We are impressed by the investment in high calibre professional staff, together with the latest equipment and dental material.  The Practice takes care to see that appointment arrangements are convenient for patients.  We are indeed fortunate to have a practice of this excellence in our local community and have no hesitation in recommending it to prospective patients..

David and Eileen Clough


We have been patients of the Aldeburgh and Framlingham Dental Practices since they took over the surgery at Framlingham some 7 years ago. We use Denplan which gives us regular 6 monthly check-ups with both the dentist and the hygienist.
In that time, Eileen has had some complex dental problems which Dr Paul Brown was able to deal with in the surgery rather than needing an emergency visit to A&E. Paul has close links with university dental schools and hospitals and brings this expertise and experience to benefit patients within his practice. He has gone out of his way to help us outside of normal surgery hours including providing support via himself and the University of Sheffield dental school if required that enabled us to attend our grandson’s christening in Sheffield.
We have great confidence in Paul and his team and would recommend them unreservedly.


I am delighted with my new teeth – and smile!
Having worn a plate  for a long time, it is a joy to be “normal”!
Most Efficient.

Geraldine Craig

Dear  Paul & Cheryl Brown and all the staff,

From the very start to the very end the service has been excellent. The process has required me to make a few visits and part with a reasonable amount of money but… It has all been very much worth it. Each time I visit, from the minute I walk in the door I feel that I’m being looked after as well as I could be and having walked out of the door yesterday with a big smile on my face, I’m sort of looking forward to my check up in 6 months to say hello again! Thanks to the dentist and all the members of your team, I can’t recommend you highly enough.

Anonymous – NHS CHOICES


Dear  Paul & Cheryl Brown and all the staff,

I’ve been a patient of the Aldeburgh Dental Practice for some years, and have always found their standard very high.
Thoughtful professional care, using often up-to-date techniques, combined  with the ability to discuss and explain treatment, and kindness, are all much appreciated by me.
I’ve had one successful implant.Recently, I had a nasty mouth infection, from 2 bad teeth, one of which was decisively extracted, but the other, owing to the skills of the practice, has been saved!
With many thanks and very best wishes

Elizabeth Shaw

In 2001 the dentist did some restorative work on my mouth. Eight crowns with bridge work and a chrome cobalt denture were fitted to my lower jaw. Later that year at least six crowns with stress relieving joint were fitted to my upper jaw, I can’t see the exact number as they match my few remaining teeth. They are still going strong(2015)…………….what more can I say.

Anonymous – NHS CHOICES

Have been a patient for almost 20 years. The dentist helped me over my fear for dentists and has maintained my teeth (joint effort) extremely well over the last almost 20 years. Long may they continue!

Anonymous – NHS CHOICES

An extremely pleasant town centre practice. Totally re-equipped to a very high standard. Enthusiastic principal offering good quality care.

Suffolk Health Authority


Before 2001, I had much trouble and pain with my teeth. In 2001 Dr Brown performed some extensive work on my teeth. This included bridging on my jaw, some sort of dental underpinning with flexible joints on my upper teeth and all teeth being crowned. Following this I was able to eat an apple straight off the tree without using a knife to cut it up.

D C F May 2008


As one of Dr Brown’s patients who has recently had a couple of implants, I can say that the procedures went without complications and most importantly without pain. Dr Brown exudes confidence which transfers to the patient. They are expensive, but are permanent and trouble free and look so genuine. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Mrs. Doreen Smith


Dear Doctor Brown,
Thank you for the meticulous care and attention to detail during my recent treatment. I feel fortunate to be a patient within your practice where there is always helpful staff and a relaxed atmosphere.

Dorothy Coates

Over many years having never had perfect “film star” teeth and always
requiring regular dental attention I am delighted to reflect that over
the last three years (since having an insert and crowns expertly
prescribed and fitted at The Framlingham Dental Practice in 2012) that
I have not required anything more than an annual check-up with no
further clinical work required and that visiting the dentist now is a
more enjoyable experience because of that.  The work I had carried out
in 2012 was clearly explained to me beforehand, the treatment provided
never caused me any anxiety and the outcomes were well beyond my

Thank You Framlingham Dental Practice and Dr Paul Brown

Simon Bamford


It is not at all surprising that Dr. Brown’s Aldeburgh and Framlingham Practices have achieved a 5 star rating, wholly earned and thoroughly deserved in my opinion.
Since Dr.Brown took over the Framlingham Practice there’s been a significant and continuing improvement in my gums, teeth and general dental welfare. I’d never experienced such excellent care, attention to all aspects of my dental health; and practical, helpful and positive recommendations in respect of worries I used to experience.
The whole atmosphere of the Practice is friendly and welcoming; we receive a text or email reminder immediately prior to each appointment, the receptionists and dental nurses (if that’s the correct current terminology??) all reflect a relaxed, efficient and contented working atmosphere.
On the few occasions I’ve needed emergency treatment I’ve always been offered an immediate appointment, a huge relief.
The whole place is spotlessly clean and comfortable and the days when I used to dread going to the dentist are now, happily, a distance memory! I look forward to my appointments with total confidence.
Lastly, in addition to the highest praise for Dr.Brown himself, I must put in a special word for Cheryl the outstandingly thorough and meticulous Hygienist whose procedures are always carried out without causing the slightest hint of pain or discomfort and leave my mouth feeling ocean fresh and looking several shades whiter!
No, I haven’t been cajoled or coerced into writing this review!  I appreciate hugely the treatment I receive in Framlingham and write from the heart – or do I mean the mouth…
My heartfelt thanks to everyone concerned.
Yours very sincerely

Fiona Harrington

“I’m very happy to say that Dr Paul Brown has been my dentist for a few years now.  Luckily for me all I ever seem to need is an annual teeth check-up.
Every year I sit there while Paul’s carrying out his standard neck and head skin cancer check, thinking to myself,  “is this really necessary, surely I would notice if I had a problem..?!”
Until, that is, about 12 months ago when Paul spotted a spot on my cheek that he thought might be a cause for concern.  In a very relaxed manner he asked if I’d seen my Doctor about said spot to which I replied, yes, twice, each time being told to use a moisturiser which should clear it up.  Paul insisted that I get a third opinion so I referred myself to a Consultant Dermatologist at the Nuffield, Ipswich.
A few days later I left my 20 minute consultation at the Nuffield with a shallow crater on my cheek where the spot had been removed.  A few days after that I found out that the spot was in fact skin cancer.  Not the type of cancer which can spread but anything with the “C” word in it feels much better once it’s been removed I’m telling you!  I owe Dr Paul Brown a massive THANK YOU for being so vigilant and thorough.
So, next time you’re sitting there having your skin examination thinking “isn’t this all a bit unnecessary”, take it from this very happy customer that it is very important and potentially lifesaving.
Thanks Paul.”

Charlie Godwin

I have been a member of the Denplan scheme for the past six years. I have had regular check-ups every six months and seen the hygienist at the same time as part of the scheme . The appointments have been friendly and very informative. The dentist has been looking after me for about three years and has been very professional in all aspects of their work. They have kept me fully informed about the necessary treatment I have needed whether it be fillings, extractions or crowns. I have been extremely pleased with the standard of care I have received from this dentist and their staff and have no hesitation in recommending them as a dental practice of the highest standard.

Anonymous – NHS CHOICES

The best dentist I have ever been to and in my 60 plus years I have been to many dentists in many different countries of the world! The dentist is clearly a person who loves their work and it shows in the excellent results. The dentist is an artist!

Anonymous – NHS CHOICES