Implant Placement









Paul Brown is one of the UKs most experienced implant dentists having placed many hundreds of implants and their fixtures during his career so far.
Paul placed some of his first implants in Bob Davenport from Felixstowe in 2001.

One of only 5 dentists from UK attending Nobel Biocare’s definitive World Congress in 2004.


Paul was recently entrusted to placed 6 implants in a senior Germany based director of 3M using his company’s Mini Dental Implant technique.




Titanium implants are used when the patient is missing one or more teeth and do not wish to wear a denture. This restores the bite and gives a more pleasing aesthetic result.

Before placing the implant, we ask the patient to follow a quick process to ensure the mouth is prepared and germ free.

The Lucozade prevents any drops in the patients sugar levels.
We ask the patient to rinse with antiseptic mouthwash for 1 minute to rid the mouth of germs. Finally, the patient takes a course of painkillers to prevent dicomfort after the local anaesthetic wears off.

  1. This shows a patient with a missing tooth at the front of the mouth.
  2. Here is the same patient with the space now filled with a
    titanium implant.
  3. Finally, after the implant has successfully been placed.
    A crown is placed over the implant and cemented in place.