The Top Ten Benefits

  1. We have a dedicated private treatment room with upgraded levels of equipment.
  2. We use the highest quality filling materials. Quality dental bonding agents enable less drilling. Clever glues allow tooth preparation with less deep undercut.  This reduces the amount of drilling resulting in less damage to healthy tooth structure.
  3. We use best quality anaesthetics and plenty of it when needed! Pre-anaesthetic gel numbs the surface gum before any injection. The needles we use for private patients are of much higher quality than in routine practice.
    We stock stronger anaesthetics and give them enough time to take effect before starting.
  4. Following our extension we have a dedicated air conditioned comfortable waiting area for private patients.
    We also provide a choice of newspapers and other reading material.
  5. Email bookings can now be made directly by email (click here).
    Alternatively, phone Framlingham on 01728 723651 or Aldeburgh on 01728 453333, and talk directly to our full time reception staff.
  6. We promise a shorter waiting time.  Private patients also benefit from longer appointments so we have enough time to do the job to our best ability without feeling rushed or harassed!
  7. Access to your dentist, or the practice on-call dentist during weekends and evenings for emergency care and advice.
  8. The latest Cosmetic dentistry techniques are available to improve your smile using the most modern materials.
  9. Access to our dental hygienist for a tartar free mouth and fresh breath as well as gentle tooth whitening to improve your smile.
  10. We have a team of extremely experienced caring dentists dedicated to treating you to their very best ability.

167 High Street, Aldeburgh,
Suffolk IP15 5AN
01728 453 333

26-28 Bridge Street, Framlingham,
Suffolk IP13 9AH
01728 723 651