Dental Care Fee Guide

Our fee guide is designed to help you budget for your dental care needs.

Within our practice we cater for all eventualities whether you wish to receive premium quality private dentistry or have more limited means.

The majority of dental care undertaken at our practice is under a private contract.  Complex and aesthetic procedures are generally undertaken by Paul Brown our very experienced practice principal.

General Oral and Dental Examination £79.50

  • Oral Malignancy screen
  • Facial skin and head/neck examinations
  • Tempero-mandibular joint examination
  • Full tooth examination including charting, cavity detection, and tooth history
  • Full periodontal examination including plaque, tartar, pocket depth, bleeding and tooth mobility scores.
  • Discussion regarding your dental concerns.
  • Medical history update.

An accurate fee quotation will be provided following the assessment.

We aim to help you develop dental routines that will be beneficial for your long term dental health.

Highest Resolution Lowest Dose Digital X rays

 £ 17.50 

OPG Full Mouth X-ray scan  

£ 120

CBCT 3D Full Jaw Pre Surgery Digital Scan

£ 275

Hygiene & Preventative Fees

Routine, Full mouth scale removal and polish

£ 79.50

Hygiene Local anaesthetic

£ 25

This appointment generally takes 30 minutes.
Our hygienist may recommend a further session either  1, 3, 6, or 12 monthly

Extensive Periodontal disease treatment (Double appointment)


Including Dentomycin Gel Application


This appointment takes 60 minutes and may involve the use of a local anaesthetic and antibiotic gel application (Dentomycin) for deeper more intensive cleaning.  Our hygienist will liaise with your treating dentist to ensure that your treatment plan is developed to help prevent further disease progress.

Periodontal disease critically is crafty by nature so it is important to make review appointments to reassess its progress and ensure the homecare and treatment regime is working.

Tooth Whitening

from £395

Restorative (fillings) Fees

Sometimes it is necessary to intervene and repair a broken tooth or remove decay and fill a cavity.  We use the latest non-mercury containing white filling materials for good reason.  They are strong, have an adhesive seal and many have a fluoride base that prevents further decay.

Your long term health is important to us  so we do not use amalgam or mercury fillings in our practice.

Tooth coloured fillings



Denplan Essentials patients benefit from a 10% discount on above fees


Routine Endodontic Treatment

On occasion it is necessary to remove infected pulpal tissue, sterilise then refill the deeper aspect of a tooth.  This treatment is complex in nature and its success is very technique and time dependant.  Our dentists use the latest endodontic instruments and techniques to ensure a pain free procedure that gives the tooth its very best long term prognosis.

Our endodontic fees are based on the cost of providing a standard of care we feel is right for you without compromise.  Following The Department of Health cross infection control guidelines we use single use endodontic files for your protection.

Incisor tooth

£595 (2 x 30 minutes appointments)

Premolar tooth

£695 (1 x 30 minute & 1 x 45 minute appointments)

Molar tooth

£795 (2 x 45 minute appointments)

Complex Molar tooth

£895  (2 x 1 hour appointments)

These times are approximate

Denplan Essentials patients benefit from a 10% discount on above fees.

Crowns and Ceramic

(Treatment involving the use of independent technicians)

There are many ways to restore a heavily damaged or poorly aesthetic tooth.  Our experience will help to identify the most appropriate technique to individually tailor your treatment plan.

Paul Brown, the practice principal, undertakes the most complex restorative procedures involving multiple unit applications.  These may involve a combination of Crowns, Porcelain Veneers and Bridge work.  Single unit restorations and more straight forward cases are often undertaken by our associate dentists at reduced fee rates.

Metal Free Ceramics

These materials give the best aesthetic appearance closely matching natural teeth in terms of colour balance and translucence.  They are also the best material for gum health.  They do not have the black margin sometimes seen in traditional old style crowns.  The multi-million euro factory, Nobel Bio-care, which produces these components, uses a computer generated image of the tooth shape to ‘mill’ a bespoke, fit perfect, super strength crown base to which highest quality (Japanese) porcelain is hand crafted and fired to give fantastic aesthetic pleasing tooth like crowns.


Quality denture making is a highly skilled and technical procedure.  We believe denture making to be a particular strength of Paul Brown’s practice.

Full upper and lower denture (complex case)


Full upper and lower denture (Simple case)


CoCr Strengthener (if necessary)


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